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Ponytail Comb
Ponytail Comb Ponytail Comb
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Expand your hairstyle options with Brenda's Ponytail Comb. Same great fabrics and just as comfortable, easy to use and fashionable as the Accordion Comb. Each comb has a curved bar that fits nicely on your head, holding hair without pulling or loosening. With so many attractive fabrics this is one for every occasion. You may never go back to uncomfortable hair fasteners.

If you don't see the fabric you want, please contact Brenda. Chances are she has something you will like and she is happy to do special orders!


Whether you are ordering the ponytail or full-size syle you will want to choose your size based on how much hair you have. Most people wear a small or a large. If your hair is extremely thin you may be happier with an extra small. If you hair is so thick that you can't close your thumb and first finger around your ponytail then you should order the extra large.


Preparation: Always start with both thumbs on the combs, and the teeth of the combs pointing toward each other. You should be looking at the back of the comb (seam & tag). Place your right thumb on the tag. This will prevent you from putting the hairpiece in backward. If you are left-handed, please follow the instructions with the opposite hands, unless you often do things right-handed.

Pull two sides of hair up to top or around back of head: With both thumbs on combs, set comb on top of head where you want it to end up. Without taking either hand off the comb, stretch arms to right side of head. With your right hand in front of your ear, slide the comb about ¼ around your head. Where you stop it, is where it is going to stay. Let go of the comb with your right hand (left hand is still holding the other side). Switch hands; hold the left comb with your right hand and your thumb on the fabric, not on the plastic comb. Now your left hand is free to pull the hair back from your ear on the left side. With your right hand on the comb, stretch the comb (with the teeth of the comb pointing out toward your left ear) toward your left ear. Touch the teeth to you scalp and start to pull your hair up or back around your head toward the first comb. Comb the whole way around your head until the two combs are even on the top or back of your head and tuck the comb in.

Once you get the comb in, do not touch it. If you push the combs together it will loosen the elastic. If it is to tight you need to push the combs together a little bit. If it is extremely tight, you probably did not slide the first or second comb in far enough. The hairpiece does not have to be tight to stay in your hair, it only needs to be comfortable. Too tight will cause a headache.

Bun: Twist hair and wrap around in a circle to make a round bun. Hold the bun with your left hand so that your elbow is in front of your face, your arms over top of your head, and your fingers are pointing down toward your back. Do not move this arm or hand. This will keep your hand out of the way, and only your fingers will be holding the bun, not your whole hand. Start with your right hand holding the plastic comb, and slide the comb ¼ of the way around your head toward the bun. Again, the comb should be against your scalp under all layers of hair. With the left hand that is holding the bun, lift up your pinky and ring fingers. Keep holding the bun with your other three fingers, and use your two little fingers to hold the first comb that you just pushed in with your right hand. Now, you can let go of the comb with your right hand, and your left hand should be holding both your bun, and the first comb. With the free right hand, reach behind your head, and grab the ridge of the left comb. Stretch the comb overtop the bun so the fabric covers the bun, and your fingers that are holding the bun. Stretch the comb the whole way to your ear and slide the comb back toward the bun, "scooping up" the hair and tucking the comb in. If it is too loose, try taking one comb out and putting it back in closer to your ear, or just start over and don't push the combs in too close to each other.

French Twist: Same as bun, but wrap a little scrunchie around the fabric of the combs twice. Twist hair into a long bun up and down the head, rather than around in a circle.

Pony Tail: Pull hair back into a pony tail and hold it with the thumb, and first finger only of your left hand. Your three remaining fingers should be pointing straight up toward the ceiling. With your free hand, slide the first comb in straight back from the top of your head. The top edge of the comb should be horizontal. Use your three fingers sticking straight up to hold on to this first comb very tight. Pull the other comb straight down, and wrap it around the ponytail in a clockwise loop. Do not twist the comb. Just flip it forward and slide it under the first comb, so the two combs are overlapping somewhat.

Note from Brenda: This product I have been selling for over 20 years and I am still selling them to this day. Let me also start by saying that I do understand that MOST left handed people have a harder time putting things in their hair and that MOST left handed people are just not as coordinated a their right handed friends.  Yes, I know there are some of you lefties out there that are just as coordinated as a right handed person.  My left handed customers do eventually get the hang of putting it in their hair.  One day I had a woman who was right handed and she just was having a hard time working the Accordion Comb but I was patient with her.  Just being cute I said to her that she must really be left handed as she was having a tough time.  She laughed and said she was left handed but they wouldn’t allow her to use her left hand when she went to school so she became right handed.  I had her try it left handed and she actually did a better job.  I wish some of my customers would respond back to me with their stories as I would love to post them on my site.  This is my most asked for product.  There is no one out there who has been selling this product for so long.  The reason is the design of the plastic comb.  It has a large ridge that holds one’s hair up.  My favorite customer is the one who says to me….”Nothing will stay in my hair, it is too thin and skimpy” or someone who says “Nothing will stay in my hair as it is too thick”.  When I show them how it works in their hair they are amazed.  Some of them sit there with their jaws dropped and speechless.  Others can’t stop talking telling me how nothing works in their hair, that it falls out, or that it hurts.  They can’t believe this works in their hair.  I have them then do it themselves.  Most can’t believe how easy it is.  They say combs don’t work in their hair.  I explain why mine does and all the rest of the combs on the market whether in this country or a foreign country don’t work.  They are always in agreement when I show them my comb and compare it to other combs.  I actually have 4 sizes.  I started with one size and soon realized it didn’t work as well as I would have liked it to in my hair as my hair is thin and skimpy although long.  I eventually made one smaller than the original one.  I named the original one the Large size and my new size I called the Small size.  Probably 2 years later I realized there were a few people out there that had really thick, thick hair so I made a larger size and called it Extra Large.  About 1 ½ years ago I decided I needed an even smaller size for children with little hair and older adults with extremely thin hair.  This one I call Extra Small.  Most anyone who wears the Extra Small can also wear the Small size.  I sell more than twice as many Small size Accordion Combs as I do the Large size Accordion Combs.  Most people think they have thick hair but they really don’t.  Thick hair is usually someone that I can just about catch their ponytail around my thumb and first finger.  The length of ones hair doesn’t necessarily determine the size either.  One day I had a lady sit on my stool and her hair touched the floor.  She wore the Small size as her hair was thin and skimpy.  If the back of one’s head is narrow, they usually wear the Small size as the Large size would be stretched too far across the back of their head and would look too big. -Brenda

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